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IMC13: Productivity at work

Ben shares his thoughts on how to make better use of your time so that you feel more in control of your workload.


Productivity books / Concepts / Workflows etc

So much info out there but much of it is fluff

Getting Things Done (GTD)

  • Ben’s first productivity book
  • Capture actions in a trusted system
  • Do the small things first

Capture everything

  • Note down ideas, actions and thoughts in a trusted place.
  • Use Apple Notes, small memo book
  • Helps stop your mind racing

Process your inbox(s)

  • Clear to zero – Paper inbox, capture system, email Do, Delegate, Delete – Don’t skip anything
  • Process your inbox each day
  • Set aside time in the calendar

Is it actionable?
Yes: Do, Delegate or Defer
No: Delete, Incubate, Reference

Weekly review

  • Collect your thoughts
  • Note down in trusted capture system

GTD Podcast

Really interesting podcast, even if you don’t do GTD

Working with email

  • Archive emails, don’t file them
  • Search when you need them
  • Use a clear subject line, so you can find it later
  • Only include people that need to see it Filter email (if you can)

Default diary

  • Block out regular time
  • Share with your team / partner

Don’t let time be stolen from you

  • Keep meetings short / request short meetings
  • Turn off notifications
  • Plan time for social media etc

Don’t write it twice

  • Think like a lazy programmer
  • Save time
  • Reduce mistakes

No excuses

  • Get on with it
  • Take responsibility
  • Just start

Be above the line. Accountability not Blame
Idea from ActionCoach
Helps to prevent procrastination


30-60 minutes a day. Walking is fine
Get access to light
Get 7-8 hours sleep (or as much as you need)

Free audio books

Free copies of my fav
Audible books Ping me if you want me to gift you a copy