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IMC102: The Future of Marketing

In light of recent AI advancements I want to revisit a discussion from 2021 where I chaired a discussion on the shifting landscape of marketing with Nicky Ayers (Ecl-ips CCTV), Catherine Every (Pippin Copywriting) and Jon Johnson (Mountain Perspective). We looked at challenges that could impact on our strategies for lead generation. It’s interesting to see how little these have impacted us in the last 2 years but will probably see slower change over the long term. 


What could the future of marketing look like?

You don’t own the platform

  • Rely on social and ads for new customers
  • The sales funnel is out of your control
  • No direct access to audience
  • What happens if their policies change?

People prefer to buy/work online

  • People prefer digital experiences – Easier, quicker.
  • Remote working reduces town centre visitors
  • How do they find out about you?

Search is voice only

  • In the car, jogging, cooking
  • Voice assistants only surface the first few results
  • How do you get found in a sea of a thousand results?

Tracking is dead

  • Browser tracking cookies are being blocked
  • Email is hiding your opens and clicks
  • How can we target them on other platforms?
  • Do we need to collect so much data?

What you can do about it

Build a strong brand

  • Trusted and consistent
  • Meet people where they are then invite them back to your place – your website

Tribe Marketing

  • Work with partners or as a group
  • Make use of their audience
  • Refer often

Use Video

  • Focus on personality (brand)
  • Make it useful, share something of value, have fun
  • Great audio/lighting

Use structured data

Be remarkable
Create email and social posts people really want to read, watch or be part of