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The Power Of FREE! How offering free e-books online can improve your business

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Actually, sometimes there is. In fact, I was treated to one just this week. I absolutely wasn’t expecting it but boy did it feel good!

We all love a bargain, but ‘free’ really takes the biscuit. Everyone takes pleasure in getting something for nothing.  So imagine being able to offer your customers/followers something for nothing in return.

Why Would I Give Something Away When I Could Charge For It?

In business it may seem ludicrous to pass up on a money-making opportunity. But there is some logic in the theory of ‘free’ and a great place to demonstrate this is on the web. Research has shown that if an e-book is offered for download with no strings attached – ie no registration or email address required, you can generate between 10 and 50 times more downloads.

Put Yourself In Your Buyers’ Shoes

It makes perfect sense. I am becoming more and more hesitant to leave my email address in exchange for a free product download – concerned that my details will end up on a sales list resulting in an ‘Inbox Invasion’ from unwanted sales teams. But if I could access that information with no risk of being pestered – what’s not to love? In fact, it’s so good, I’d probably share the link on Social Media to help spread the good word.

How Does Giving Stuff Away Improve My Business?

As well as a free lunch, people love to talk. And if there’s a great offer online, you can bet your bottom dollar that word will get around about it. As the owner of this content, this will mean increased traffic to your website and an increased awareness of your brand or business. It’s a win-win situation!

What If My Middle Name Is Scrooge?

Well, a) That is most unfortunate and you have my deepest sympathy, but b) If all this generosity is bringing you out in a cold sweat, how about meeting us half way? Within your free e-book, include a link to further content which does require registration. This way, you are still spreading your ideas and promoting your business whilst simultaneously collecting contact information for potential sales leads.

Photo Credit: Helen Creese