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By understanding how people use your website you are better able to write more popular blog posts or provide the information visitors need to make a decision more quickly. To round of this series of posts I want to focus on setting up a simple Marketing dashboard in Google Analytics.

Save tears, backup your site before making any changes.

Install Google analytics*

Google Analytics is a free tool to help you understand how many people visit your site, how they find you and what pages they are looking at. Once setup, Analytics is an incredible resource.

Google’s set-up process is reasonably painless and if you don’t have access to your website files or content manager administration it guides you through sending these to your web developer.

Focus on goals

If you can pin down important pages on your website that convert people in to action, filling out a contact form or purchasing a product for example, then you can setup goals in Analytics to track not only how many people visit these pages but also where they came from originally.

Google has instructions how to setup goals and I recommend keeping them simple to start with.

Setup a dashboard

Regularly reviewing Analytics can help you make sure the number of visitors, known as ‘Users’ in Analytics, are increasing but more importantly understand how they find your website i.e. what ‘Channel’ they use

To prevent being overloaded by the depth of data I recommend setting up a dashboard to show you only the numbers that are important to you.

You can get a head start by adding my Marketing Dashboard to your profile or jump in and start creating your own.

Review and feedback

Another useful view in Analytics is the Behaviour flow. It visualises the pages visitors land on (from a social media link or Google search) and then tracks the pages they went on to. Combine this with goals and this can give you insight on your websites usage and how to improve it.

So you don’t forget to review your Marketing Dashboard each month setup an email report to be sent directly to your email inbox. You can schedule a report from most views within Google Analytics.

What Analytics view do you find most useful? Let us know on Twitter.


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* If you don’t feel confident about making any of the recommended changes yourself, consult with your web developer, techie friends or get in touch, we’d be happy help.

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