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IMC98 Open Club Website & Marketing Review

We open the club and invited Aaron Carrington (Carrington Guitar Academy) to have a website & marketing review. Ben shares SEO tips, content ideas and different ways they can draw more traffic to their website.


  • Continue to grow relevant hyperlinks within your site. Add other muscian’s to a directory onto your website. Get them to do the same for you.
  • Instagram posts make sure to link back to your website.
  • Add CTA at the end of your instagram reels and posts as part of a non intrusive sign off.
  • Reshare the content you create on Instagram on Youtube to help boost SEO. Youtube links are more easily found and can help boost SEO.
  • Link your reels to your website so content is not siloed into an account.
  • Keywords: Guitar Lessons Bath | Online Guitar Teacher | Guitar Teacher in Bath ensure these are present on your website within your headings and paragraph text throughout the page.
  • Include keywords in your H1 heading and variations of in other headings
  • Ensure your blogs link back to your homepage and links are present on your homepage to your blogs
  • Don’t be shy to make your CTA’s bolder.
  • Put some free resources on your homepage to help hook visitors who are not ready to sign up
  • Don’t duplicate content across the pages even if on different URLs. Redirect the old guitarninjas to guitar-ninjass

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