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IMC92 Challenges of Product Pricing

Ben is joined by Kate (Journey in Style) and Dan (Dan Barker Studios) to discuss how these two businesses have negociated the challenges of product pricing.


Guest Introductions

Dan Barker, from Dan Barker Studios, shares his background in video production and photography, specializing in industrial manufacturers and tech companies. Kate, founder of Journey in Style, discusses her passion for travel and creating tailor-made holiday experiences.

Starting Point: Understanding Pricing

Dan and Kate reflect on the challenges of pricing services and products. Dan emphasizes the importance of understanding the value brought to clients beyond the tangible deliverables. Kate highlights the emotional aspect of pricing, focusing on creating lasting relationships and exceeding client expectations.

Navigating the Sensitivity of Pricing

Discussing the sensitivity surrounding pricing and the reluctance to discuss money openly. Kate shares insights from her experience in the travel industry, where value and service often outweigh price concerns. Dan reflects on the evolution of pricing strategies in his business and the balance between affordability and quality.

Creating Value-based Pricing

The importance of articulating value rather than solely focusing on cost. Kate emphasizes the role of active listening and understanding client needs to deliver personalised experiences. Dan discusses the shift towards presenting comprehensive pricing models to simplify decision-making for clients.

Strategies for Success

Avoiding the pitfalls of overly itemized pricing and focusing on delivering a clear, concise value proposition. Dan shares insights from his experience with a business coach, advocating for a straightforward pricing approach. Kate emphasises the value of building trust and loyalty through transparent pricing and exceptional service.

Additional Insights on Pricing Strategies

  • Discussion on product staircase and upselling strategies.
  • Comparison with car dealership pricing tactics.
  • Importance of price tiering and setting price expectations.
  • Examples from the holiday industry and strategies for pitching services.
  • Insights into price conditioning and setting price anchors.
  • Exploration of time-sensitive pricing strategies and their effects on decision-making.
  • Discussion on the ethical implications of artificial scarcity and time pressure in sales tactics.
  • Personal anecdotes regarding negotiating prices and providing estimates.
  • Reference to pricing strategies advocated by Christo, a YouTuber known for insights into pricing techniques.
  • Cost Plus Method: Dan explains the Cost Plus pricing model, where the cost of the product or service is calculated and a profit margin is added.
  • Value Pricing: The hosts discuss the Value Pricing approach, which considers the perceived value of the product or service to the customer.
  • Seasonal Pricing: Seasonal pricing involves adjusting prices based on demand fluctuations throughout the year.
  • Quoting Software: Dan introduces a quoting software tool called Uncle’s Questions, highlighting its features and benefits for businesses in creating professional proposals efficiently.
  • Ethical Considerations: The hosts emphasize the importance of ethical pricing practices, considering the impact on customers and society.
  • Community Support: Dan and Kate discuss the concept of paying it forward and how businesses can contribute to social causes through their pricing strategies.

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