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IMC37: Marketing Review – Looking back at the previous year and setting goals for 2022

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In this episode we take stock of our marketing, discussing the importance of evaluating the year before and why you should set goals for the year ahead.

Ben is joined by Club Member Nicky Ayers from Ecl-ips as they both dive into their marketing strategies and share what went well, what is still a work in progress, what goals we’re working towards and how we’re going to tackle them.


  • Reviewing marketing reports, google analytics, social media, sales, website, marketing content
  • Look with a fresh pair of eyesIdentifying what worked well/not so well
  • Putting your goals down on paper and setting review points for the year ahead
  • Don’t be afraid to change your goals as the year progresses
  • Do what what has worked but don’t be afraid to try something new/experiment