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IMC25: WooCommerce walkthrough

Everything from setting up the plugin to products, discount vouchers and shipping and order processing.


Woocommerce is a full featured ecommerce system which allows you to sell a wide variety of physical products and digital products along with a wide range of extenstions for subscriptions and mentions amongst other things. 

When you install Woocommerce for the first time

You need to access the Plugin tab on the dashboard at the back end of your wordpress website. Add new, then search for ‘Woocommerce’. It should be the top hit, press install now button and then activate to install.
Once it is installed you will get a little Wizard setup screen, going through some of the basic information.

Example site:

WooCommerce Key Tax Setup Tips

  • Choose whether prices will be inclusive of VAT or not. Only shows it you enable taxes in General tab
  • Chose whethere your customer base is business to business or business to consumer on which tax option you opt for.
  • Calculate your tax based on your address. If your company is based within the UK, regardless of where the customer is located they will pay UK tax. There are lots of options available if you ship abroad and can rank your tax to correlate with different states and regions.

WooCommerce Key Shipping Setup Tips

  • Shipping zones allow different options for each country or area you define

If you have any specific shipping issues, that I haven’t covered within the run through best to get in touch and run through these as shipping options are bespoke and taylored to each business differently.

Example site: where they have lots of different items and ship to different locations.

WordPress Payment

  • By default Woocommerce comes with default payment details i.e Bank Transfer, Cheques, Cash on Delivery or Paypal.
  • With each option you will follow the form to input your information and requirements.
  • When setting up Paypal payments you will need to put in some details to activate this option. Ensure you capture the identity token so you can capture the payment and send the order details back to your website.
  • We recommend Stripe highly for taking credits. You will need to add this as a plugin. It is free, there are lots of other free plugins for different payments method if you would like to chose something else.

Other payment providers:

WordPress Privacy

  • Options available that allow you to give access for guest orders or enforce customers to have an account to process the order. 
  • Information here to allow ppl to remove their data correctly through the woocommerce system.

WordPress Emails

  • Get creative and customise your email communications that get shown to people
  • Run through the settings to customise the look of your email
  • Include company logo from your media library
  • By default, the email settings are quite basic. There are other ways of customising that in code or find plugins to allow you to customise emails. 


  • Highly recommend categorising your products so you are able to show targeted products on particular web pages of your site.
  • You can also add thumbails for each category
  • By default it will show related products in the same category but it possible to create upsell / cross sell items


  • Setup a Coupon under the Woocommerce menu tab
  • Click Add Coupon which will allow you incentivise your customers by adding a discount off the final basket value.
  • You have the option of percentage discount or fixed price discounts
  • You are able to tailor the coupon to specific emails or products, limit the amount of time it can be used, set an expiry date etc

Processing orders

  • Admin and customers get order emails (processed)
  • Back payments will be put on hold until it is processed
  • Once shipped or finished, orders will be marked as completed. Customer will get a final email to confirm the order
  • In this page you can also refund orders from this screen