53: Three Counties and Cotswolds Tourism Forum 2020 round-up

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Through my Fastershire links, I get to work with many businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. So when event organiser, Steve Gardner-Collins invited me to come along to the Three Counties and Cotswolds Tourism Forum with a press pass to cover the event, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to learn more about this sector.

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Interviews & notes

Tim Shadrach

David Lingrum

Xavier Pelloux

Yvette Farrell

Mike Saul

  • Barclays
  • Importance of addressing accessibility, it helps everyone.

Jackie Pennington & Adam Jones

  • Berkeley Castle (Jackie)
  • Aerospace Bristol (Adam)
  • Importance of partnerships in business
  • Great examples of how pubs, attractions and coach companies can work together to benefit everyone while providing a simpler (and arguably better) outcome


Laurie Bell

  • Chief executive of Cheltenham Trust
  • How leaders can encourage co-operation and partnership internal as well as links with other businesses.

Nick Waloff

  • Cotswold Taste
  • The importance of local
  • Again, how and why partnerships are important


Adrian Nichols

Nicki Page

  • TLC
  • “If we want change we have to change what we are doing”
  • “Stop talking, start doing something. And do it together”

Ross Calendine

  • Visit England
  • ‘Micro Gapping’ – Taking a gap year win just a few days, cheap, quicker. e.g. Silent disco beach clean
  • GenY and giving back

Susie Hunt

  • Cotswolds Tourism
  • Supporting and helping members with campaigns such as dog friendly places to go in The Cotswolds.

Graham Stonadge

  • streetpin.com
  • A digital notice board for locals, business and everyone. Interesting idea

Steve Gardner-Collins

  • Sales Director Hatton Collection & Event organiser to TCCTF2020
  • And man of many hats, this guys does a lot of other charity work too
  • Thanks for inviting me!

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