Why bother to understand our customers? (1/2)

Every one of your customers has individual characteristics  that make them who they are. But those customers will often share certain  characteristics. Understanding what those common characteristics are will make  your marketing more effective. And whether you´re marketing on a shoestring or  not, that can only be a good thing.

How can understanding  your customer make your marketing more effective?

Because you can:

  • show that you understand their challenges and –  more importantly – how you can help them to meet them
  • know they need what you´re offering – focusing your  marketing on the prospects you know will be interested means a better  conversion rate than if you focus on prospects that might be interested
  • choose the medium that suits them best – if you´re  marketing to travelling sales people, local radio might be a good option; if  you´re dealing with marketing professional, email might be a better bet.

In short, you´re making your customers more likely to buy  from you.

That´s the “why” dealt with. In my next post I´ll discuss  the “how”.

Catherine Every from EveryWord
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Author: Catherine Every
Copywriter and WordPress editor

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