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Unboxing video experiment with Ecl-ips

I spent a day with the team at Ecl-ips back in January to experiment with some different and more exciting product video for a new 360 degree ceiling camera from Avigilon.

Previously Stephen, a project engineer ar Ecl-ips, was attempting to record the entire video in one go but this meant that if there were any mistakes he would need to record the entire video again. While his early videos are ok I wanted to help make them a little more interesting, have a higher production quality and be easier and quicker to produce – Here’s what how it went

First, watch my intro


Then watch the resulting video

Well done to Nicky, Stephen and Aaron at Ecl-ips who after a little tuition managed all the filming and editing themselves.

Equipment used on the shoot

Music: Upbeat from Audio Jungle

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