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The social pendulum swings back

Tweet from Andy McIlwain

The 2010s were about radically open social media platforms — a gigantic, unmanageable mess.

Next 10 years? Pendulum swings back. Niche communities of interest & purpose.

Like a falling tide, I feel that there is a pull back to smaller interest groups and communities. As a lapsed forum user (I spend much of my 20s in Macromedia Flash forums) and advocate of the WordPress Community, it feels more wholesome and personally connected to me.

Sure, we’ll still have the trolls and attention seekers but they won’t have as much impact or power often gained from retweeting.

In Andy’s Twitter thread he goes on to talk about how brands need to move from wooing an audience to building a community.

Break em out. Round tables so they’re facing and sharing and talking to each other.