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The problem of tchotchkes (and trade show swag)

From the Daily Difference email over on The Carbon Almanac. Signup here.

“Plastic is made from fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide that warms our Earth. And, believe it or not, most plastic cannot be recycled even when you put it in a recycling bin.” (Excerpt from our free kids’ book Generation Carbon: It’s time to start, page 31)

So, think sustainable if you’re in charge of the office gifts (or any gifts) this holiday season.  And if someone offers you some junk, say no. If enough gets turned back in, companies will stop giving them away.

Books (including The Carbon Almanac), gift cards, and food are all better choices than pens, drink cozies, and mouse pads.

Don’t by crap to give away and don’t accept crap that is given to you – from a business at least, you might have to be more diplomatic if it’s from a friend – Individually we can make a difference. I’m a big fan of giving brownies.