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Ted Wright on Word of Mouth

Brilliant interview with Ted Wright about how to work with influencers and encourage word of mouth marketing.

“Influencers can’t be bought, they will refuse cash…”

“Influencers, it’s not a job title, it’s not a job description, it’s a personality trait…”

Ted goes on to list the 3 personality traits of an influencer:

1. Like to try new things because they are new

2. Intrinsically motivated

3. Love to share stories with their friends

“The reason they are intrinsically motivated is because they do like to share stories with their friends

I encourage you to listen to the entire interview which has a few examples of how to benefit from influencers. It’s only 34 minutes and you can even speed it up in the web player. I’ve not read his book “Fizz” yet so cannot say if it’s as good as I found the interview.

For those keen on developing word on mouth as a marketing strategy, I’d also recommend listening to Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”. which covers some excellent concepts and ideas. Seth however likes to call “influencers”, “sneezers” that spread an “idea virus” – Cute.