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Something Inventive 17: Al In His LEM

Donal McPartland joins Ben and Al to talk about why studied an MBA, diversifying his business and editing our podcast. We also discuss how we make our podcast at great length.

Finally, Al is now settled into his garden office or Lunar Excursion Module as he describes it and is almost ready to ditch his power and internet umbilical.

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Show notes

Al's cabin exterior

Al’s new cabin AKA ‘The LEM’

Al's cabin interior

Interior of Al’s cabin

Al's cabin interior with purple light strip

Prepare for launch!

The Hosts

Al Osmond (@inventiveal) – An unusual mix of logical thinker with a creative eye
Ben Kinnaird (@benkinnaird) – Knower of Social Media, SEO and ‘the Web’

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Audio edited by Donalize – ‘Goofy Vocal Groove‘ intro music by Dave Girtsman – Photo: Al’s office, by Al Osmond