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IMC Podcast #6 Content planning for your website

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Back in July last year I spoke with Tess Coughlan-Allen about planning the content for your website, along with tips for getting started and a helpful tool to map out your content.

I firmly believe that websites should be built around the content first and is actually a key part of the design process.

If you are starting a new web project or revising your current site you’ll find real value in this conversation.

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Episode Notes

Update: Sadly Mind Doodle is closing down and you won’t be able to use the cool WordPress extension but the broad ideas of using a mind map to plan your content remain the same.

Planning website content

Everyone often gets trasnfixed on making their website look nice. Take a step back – whats important to your audience, what’s important to people using the site, how they can get the information quickly and how can you then get them to take an action. Planning the content first, even in a sketch outline and not worrying about the detail of the words is so important and often missed.

I’m a big believer in getting started, seeing what happens and then going back and refining

Tess Coughlan-Allen, Content Editor

Create a site map

Create a broad view of how your content will fit together in a site map. Then start pulling your content onto the site and start by fleshing it out before moving on to then refine it.

Make Ideas Happen – Mind Doodle Benefits

  • Creative mind mapping using the map view
  • Structured mind mapping using the tree view
  • 3D mind mapping using the 3D view
  • Easy to use with a simple process to get started
  • Change the color and shade of ideas from a color picker
  • Idea boxes automatically extend in size as your type
  • Drag corners of idea boxes to change the size manually
  • Keyboard shortcuts to mind map without a mouse
  • Zoom in and out using icons or with a mouse scroll
  • Drag and drop background to move image around the canvas
  • Move ideas and change their relationships by dragging and dropping
  • Create additional associative links between ideas and add contextual labels
  • Quick access to view recent Doodles or switch teams
  • Export your Doodle to an Office document or an image
  • Choose between a public or private mind map