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IMC Podcast #5 Why a website is valuable

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Does your business need a website any more? Can’t we just publish our details on Facebook and even use it to sell products directly?

With so much communication already happening on social platforms it makes sense to move over your brand presence as well. Or does it?

Here’s an extract from a conversation with Ben Wheeler in which we discuss the role of websites in marketing and ask in are they diminishing in favour of social business pages

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Episode Notes

Does your company need a website?

A website should always be the core of your marketing activities as it comes back to this ownership thing… you own your website and should be in control of that. You do not own your social media channelsBen Wheeler, Web Developer

Social Media, the modern word of mouth

Social media is a massive shift away from websites for certain industries and businesses allowing customers to give recommendations on services and tag companies in. For certain industries this works better than a website

Boils down to content

A single image of ‘a roofer and a his van’ is not enough to fill a 5 page website. People want to see casestudies, examples, testimonials, lots of pictures. The advantage of social media is that people can easily upload images from their phone, keeping the imagery current and relevant. It’s easy to upload and post.

Website vs Social Media

You’re posting content onto somebody else’s platform, if they then we are going to charge £50 a month, you are trapped and you have to go with it… If you grab that content and put it on your own website, you are in control.Ben, Wheeler, Website Developer