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IMC Podcast #4 Optimising your website with structured data

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Continuing on our theme of SEO I thought this interview with Duane Forrester (recorded back in early 2019) would be helpful to show how structured data and schema is a key trust signal for search engines.

We discuss why we should be using structured data on our website, how this impacts conventional SEO and why it matters for voice and augmented reality.

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Episode Notes

What is Structured data

Editing the code base of the page to ‘wrap’ elements on your webpage with trusted signals, via snippets of code

Duane Forrester, Schema Expert
  • Consumers don’t see the technical work involved in Structured Data
  • Visit and look at the library to see what is applicable to your business
  • When you ‘markup’ your website you are effectively telling the search engine that the information is accurate on your website. If it agrees, it builds trust and scans the site more quickly.

Schema and Structured data are becoming a trust signal, those who have it are included in things and those who don’t are not included in things…

Duanne Forrester, Schema Expert

Do I need to have structured data?

Stop thinking about it and start doing it. The Schema website has a library of pre-written code which you can copy and paste and implement across your website.

How much structured data do I need to do?

If it is applicable to your website wrap that content in structured data. Markup as much as you can. That is the general rule of thumb…

Duanne Forrester, Schema Expert

Does Structure Data improve SEO ranking?

Should not be confused with something that boosts ranking, just by putting it in place does not suddenly give you a higher rank. No one should expect that. Hear my words, you will not get a ranking boost from just installing structured data, that is not the way this works, however, there programmes that the engines are running that pull structured data to inform answers. So if you are not running structured data you are not included in those… you’re not being penalised for anything but I can guarantee you, you will be losing traffic…

Duanne Forrester, Schema Expert

Doing structured data is no longer an advanced tactic this is SEO 101. That’s the base line. You have to have this in place without it you’re not as good an answer as competitor who has it.

Duanne Forrester, Schema Expert

When do I have do structured data?

Look at your competitors, if your competitors largely do not have this deployed then you are ahead of the curve, you are the path leader, this will differentiate from your competitors. If however, any of them have this turned on, you’re hanging on by your finger nails, you need to seriously get the work done to equalise the value signal you showcase to a search engine.

Duanne Forrester, Schema Expert