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IMC Podcast #3 Landing page review and on-page SEO

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In this episode, I share some of my conversation with Chris Richards about our landing page review process. It was taken from Club Webinar #16: Improve landing page SEO.

We talk about what ‘On-page’ SEO is, what we look for during a review and of course some tips to improve your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).


Episode Notes

What onpage SEO is

  • Everything you can do and control on your website to optimise it
  • SERP – Search Engine Ranking Position
  • Refers to the content on the page and the html source behind the page can be optimised
  • Opposite to Off Page SEO which refers to backlinks and other signals coming from external sites.
  • Look at what is working well for your competitors

The practice of optimising an individual webpage to try and rank it higher than the organic listings within the search engine…

Chris Richards, SEO Expert

Casestudy – Selmach Machinery

  • Objective: A competitor was starting to outshine them on a certain product – they wanted to fight back and dominate the competition. So they undertook an SEO audit with Rather Inventive and Chris Richards. The keyword they wanted to rank for was not ranking in the top 10 pages of the search engine.
  • Method: What is out there already, what are they doing, what changes can we make to improve upon that, measuring the result and then making changes based on that.
  • Process: Group call with the client, SEO Expert and Web developer to interpret the Keyword Correlation report to workout what changes would have the biggest impact.
  • Title, Meta Description and Heading must include keyword
  • Create an ultimate guide 10x better than competitor
  • Use a variety of content i.e. headings, lists, tables, images
  • Include keyword variation within content
  • Make sure all related blogs and supporting pages link directly to Landing Page
  • Build external links from other websites to Landing Page
  • Use FAQ and other schema markup
  • Check in Google Search Console that the page is indexed
  • Result: Once these improvements were implemented within 3 months the page which had not ranked in the top 100 moved to number one.

SEO doesn’t payback straightaway – typically it takes 2 weeks to see a small improvement but to see the full impact it takes 3 months.