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IMC Podcast #24: Email marketing uses and stats

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In this episode I share an extract from my club webinar where I look at the uses of email marketing and what clicks and views to expect.

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Episode Notes

Uses for email marketing
Regular newsletter
Sales promotions
Nudge down the funnel

What is a good open rate?
20% seems to be about right
(via benchmarks/)

Selmach case study
More focused emails Increased customer calls

Set out the goals
Who emails where aimed at Sketch or Wireframe
Plan ahead

From 18% to 21% open rate
From 14% to 30% click rate (7% to recipients) Above average 😀

Email marketing tips
Clean your list, remove the duds
Segment your list. Send only to those who want/need it

If possible use their name Can help visibility in the inbox Can increase open rates
Use a named email rather than a generic one to increase open rates
Interesting or challenging subject line
Ask a question Intrigue
Tell the reader exactly what your email contains

What is the goal?
Why are you doing this?
Have purpose

Create Memorable Content

Include a still or animated GIF
Including a person seems to get more clicks
Use video

Ask for action
Include a call to action
Link out to your website Include a phone number
Draw people to the action

Build trust
Aim to create an unmissable email
Make it easy to unsubscribe
Make it clear why you are contacting them Send consistently

Run experiments
Test out different subject lines or content to find out what works best