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Coca Cola’s most memorable marketing blunders ever

Even the big brands can sometimes get it wrong…

The infamous error, which is still remembered 35 years later as a spectacular failure, was the release of “New Coke” – which saw the formula of what was and is still the most popular soda in the world changed for the first time in 99 years.

According to Coca-Cola, the launch of the product, which was pushed aside for the return of the original recipe just 79 days later, “spawned consumer angst the likes of which no business has ever seen”.

However, to fully understand the scope of the mistake, the soda company insists that one must first take into context the factors that “shaped the launch decision”

Inside the recipe tweak which sparked nationwide backlash, Independent

Make sure you listen to your consumers and don’t be afraid to reach out to them to ask for feedback.

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