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Hello I’m Ben, founder and director of Rather Inventive. And I love working with people to help them become more effective in marketing their business – How can I help you?

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What’s it like to work with Rather Inventive?

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“…they sit with you every month and suggest how they would like to take the projects forwards…”

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Matt Jones


“Rather Inventive are brilliant! Great technical knowledge, clear thinking, strategic, and easy to work with.”

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Alex Coppock


“I found Rather Inventive extremely helpful, with a very friendly but professional approach.”

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Sue Morgan

B&B Owner

"Brilliant, professional service!"Nancy Bell
"Very knowledgeable, really happy to help with excellent advice that you can put into practice straight away. Ben takes the..."
"Marketing a time-limited national campaign is very different from B2B - Ben has provided some useful pointers !!"Jan
"Rather Inventing offers the perfect service for those developing new business opportunities. No one size fits all here, they know..."Nancy Bell
"Speedy, friendly, creative and realistic."Roger Britton

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Ben Kinnaird

Ben Kinnaird

Marketing Coach

Louise Kinnaird

Louise Kinnaird

Copy & Blog Writer

Clare Harris

Clare Harris


Jack McCaughtrie

Jack McCaughtrie

Social Media Advisor

Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson


Chris R Profile

Chris Richards

SEO Specialist

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I guested on Benjamin Catley-Richardson podcast about a failure in my business past and a challenge that I’m currently facing. As he mentions at the end we could have talked for hours, and we often do. A great person to have a coffee with.


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