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“…they sit with you every month and suggest how they would like to take the projects forwards…”

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Matt Jones


“Rather Inventive are brilliant! Great technical knowledge, clear thinking, strategic, and easy to work with.”

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Alex Coppock


“I found Rather Inventive extremely helpful, with a very friendly but professional approach.”

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Sue Morgan

B&B Owner

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Ben Kinnaird

Ben Kinnaird

Marketing Coach

Louise Kinnaird

Louise Kinnaird

Copy & Blog Writer

Clare Harris

Clare Harris


Jack McCaughtrie

Jack McCaughtrie

Social Media Advisor

Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson


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Chris Richards

SEO Specialist

Recent reviews and feedback

"Professional and friendly service. Ben understood my needs and supported me to create my new website and understand the marketplace..."Emily Lalwor
"I really enjoyed listening to the Podcast version of the Inventive Marketing Club. I am a regular podcast listener to..."Alex
"Thanks very much, excellent advice and service again."Sue Morgan
"Ben was the guest speaker at my customer exchange event at HSBC and from the get go it was clear..."Poppy Holmes
"Ben provided helpful and easy-to-follow advice. The latter is very important for me! He is clearly very knowledgeable."Abi McPherson