Ideas and fixes to improve the design, SEO and usability of your website from £380*

When asked to make changes to a website we’re unfamiliar with we need to perform what we creatively call a ‘Website diagnostic’.

During the diagnostic we attempt to make the changes you require. After this we’ll have a clear idea of the remaining work (if any), suggestions and ideas to improve the site and how long it would take.

Once were finished we’ll present a simple summary of what we’ve managed to do and provide a quote for the rest of the work, if there is any. At this point you can decide to continue with our proposal or call it a day and just pay for the diagnostic.

*All prices exclude VAT, travel and associated expenses. View our full price list.

The diagnostic process

1. You pay for the diagnostic upfront and provide the login and access details we need

2. We book in the diagnostic aiming to start within a week and finish within two

3. We’ll take a backup of the website files and database but we suggest you also make a backup for your own peace of mind

4. Our web developer will attempt to make the changes your require in the time we have

5. We’ll then create a quote for additional work to complete the job (if required) along with recommendations to improve the site’s search optimisation or usability

6. Finally we feedback to you along with any summary and the quote


  • The site is written in HTML, PHP, WordPress or we can make changes within the the Content Management System (CMS)
  • You have the SFTP or FTP host, username and passwords

The following information is ideal if you have it to hand.

  • Content Manager (CMS) url, username and password
  • MySQL Database host, username and password
  • Hosting or domain control panel url, username and password

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