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Be Sociable – A social media tips and strategy book (PDF)

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Easy-to-follow social media tips and strategy that will tell you how to get noticed by the right people for the right reasons. There are thousands of websites, videos and books with tips, instructions, discussion and argument around social media, few are concise and easy to read and some are awful.

Marketing coach Ben Kinnaird and social media trainer Helen Coldicott, wrote this book to bring together business strategy and social media concepts based on their own unique experience.

“Clear, concise and a very easy-to-understand guide to social media with lots of great tips. A really useful book for anyone tackling social media without the luxury of a PR agency or budget!”

5 star review by Trixiepops

Many people are looking to maximise their visibility to customers, but knowing exactly what to do and when is a tricky business.

Be Sociable is full of easy-to-follow tips and ideas that will tell you what you need to do to get noticed by the right people for the right reasons. Helen and Ben have both taught hundreds of companies in the intricacies and etiquette of social media over many years, and of course we both use it in our own companies so we know just how effective it can be once you employ the right strategies.

This book will inspire you to make the most of social media in business.

Chapters in the book

1. Get Noticed – Find potential customers and make sure they find you by creating a stand out brand.

2. Be Sociable – Build solid relationships by learning the art of great online conversation.

3. Help Others – Ideas for working better in teams.

4. Run Events – Run successful exhibitions, competitions and events using social media to spread the word.

5. Promote Stuff – Build communities, engage with customers and sell products with persuasive advertising.

6. Automate Everything – Save time and make life easy by delegating simple tasks to the robots!

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