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Your .uk domain is due for renewal

Last week, I received lots of mildly misleading emails from Nominet, the UK’s domain registrar, as well as clients who also received these emails looking to me for help. The subject line leads people to believe that their domain is up for renewal but actually the email is just a reminder that their reserved .uk domain is going to be available for general registration soon.

Here’s a extract from the email.

‘If this domain is unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. Fasthosts reserved .UK domains on behalf of their customers as part of our .UK Rights of Registration scheme ( This was to allow you to register the .UK domain name if needed, and you have not been charged for the reservation.’

And an article by Fasthosts that explains this further.

‘If you are the registered owner of a,,,, or domain, the new .uk equivalent would have been automatically reserved for you when these domain extensions were initially launched on 10 June 2014. This reservation window lasts for 5 years and will end on 25th June 2019.’

That five years is almost up so it’s time to decide whether you want the .uk domain or not. My advice is to buy it if you want to protect your company name or brand and can afford to so – The cost is no more than a regular domain – but realise that this is money for nothing. I won’t be registering the domain as I haven’t for all the other domain extensions released over the years.

Without ambiguity: Black Lives Matter

Seth Godin leaving no doubt.

‘The systemic, cruel and depersonalizing history of Black subjugation in my country has and continues to be a crime against humanity. It’s based on a desire to maintain power and false assumptions about how the world works and how it can work. It’s been amplified by systems that were often put in place with mal-intent, or sometimes simply because they felt expedient. It’s painful to look at and far more painful to be part of or to admit that exists in the things that we build.’

Also watch this if you missed it.

Boost your productivity: Take breaks and go outside

Suzanne Scacca writing for Smashing Magazine

‘I’d also look at where you naturally start to “fail” and lose focus. It’s the same thing that happens in workouts — when you reach your breaking point, your body just gives up. Unfortunately, some people try to push through it when it’s the brain screaming, “Stop!”’

My low activity times are just after lunch at 1pm and around 4pm. At these times, I aim to do easy tasks such as admin or tasks I particularly enjoy, such as a personal coding project.

IMC Podcast #1 Creating an SEO strategy

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In this episode, I feature an extract from my club webinar last year where I share some background on what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is, why it’s important and some tips on getting started.

If you are new to SEO, this episode will be a good place to start. But if you are a little more experienced then I’ll be sharing more ideas and advanced techniques in future episodes.

So settle in and join me while I explain some SEO basics.

Episode Notes


Custom product sorting in WooCommerce

Tip on which I wish I had known years ago.

  1. Go to the Products > All Products in the sidebar
  2. Click on the Sorting tab just above the list of products
  3. Drag and drop your products into the order you want them

Also in the article is how to manage default product sorting in the WooCommerce settings.

Focus: Not too wide, not too narrow

Seth Godin on Applying effort.

‘Even if we don’t know precisely where to put the effort, a focus on the right categories pays off. Too often, we aim too wide (it feels more deniable). And sometimes, more rarely, we aim too narrowly.’

Seth is very much an advocate of marketing to a core audience, starting narrow and widening out as your reputation grows.

Marketing to a single person can be very effective at building a relationship, and over time that person may buy from you but what if they don’t. Building a relationship with a small group or community allows you to focus on their needs, test out ideas and hone your product while minimising the risk that they won’t buy.

The day I learnt what arbitrage means

An fun insight into the insane business model of big tech and pizza delivery by Ranjan Roy

‘If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long. You’d net a clean $8 profit per pizza.’

The business model of companies like Doordash, Uber and originally Facebook to dominate at all costs, seems crazy to me. I understand the logic but cannot help feel it is not sustainable, ethical or profitable for most people unless you are either the winner (Facebook has clearly won in the social space) or an investor as part of your spread bet. And even then it’s still not ethical. If you win, you win big but for most people, they lose.

Ranjan also mentions ZIRP (Zero-Interest-Rate Policy) and links out to another fascinating article on the topic. If I understand it correctly, it’s about risk and how risky ventures are more attractive when other rates of return are low. Given the extremely low-interest rates at the moment I expect we might see even more risk.

How to never be boring in conversation

Observations on Tom Hanks in conversation, with advice you can use to be a better presenter on video, in a workshop or even chatting down the pub.

Here’s a few tips I noted from the video

  • Create a story gap – Peak peoples interest with the promise of an exciting story.
  • Pantomime what you are saying – Use hand gestures and movement to act our what you are saying.
  • Be dynamic – Shift a story’s focus from sad to happy or move your voice from loud to quiet.
  • Include everyone – Make good eye contact (three seconds or so) so that people feel what you are saying is relevant to them, that they are included.

The last point, on eye contact, I’ve found particularly helpful in boosting my confidence when talking to a large group of people.

I’ve always enjoyed films featuring Tom Hanks from Big (his earliest film that I remember watching), to Castaway, Saving Private Ryan and Forest Gump, which is on my rewatch list.

What to change on your website to improve local rankings

A great guide to keyword research and page strategy from Whitespark.

‘Now that you have created your ultimate keyword list, use this data to make an informed decision on what pages should target which terms. One of the most common errors we see when it comes to title tag optimization or rather lack there of, is businesses not removing the default – home – page title. This is both a missed opportunity and a sad sight to witness in search results.’

They recommend optimising the site in this order: Title tags, Homepage content, Product and service landing page content and finally Site speed.

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