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Who owns your LinkedIn contacts?

An interesting article on Muddy Wall about the legal ownership of your LinkedIn contacts.

“Back in the day life was so simple. Mobile phones didn’t exist, your favourite 80’s pop star was still a good guy and all of your contacts were saved on your rollerdex which sat, OCD like, in a strict alphabetical order on your desk at work. Therefore, when it came time to change jobs it was as easy as packing up your Sony Walkman and rollerdex, and swanning into the sunset like John Wayne. Times however have changed.”

It reminded me of a drinks company we spoke to about their social strategy. We asked what would happen when the young people they promoted and sponsored, grew out of their target market and took off with their Facebook and Twitter followers. It wasn’t something they’d even considered but it got them thinking about the ownership of the Twitter account. I’m sure this isn’t a problem with a well managed transition though.

While the legal case mentioned in the article might now serve as a precedent I’m not sure it’s important where our contacts are stored but whether we’re allowed to make use of them when we’re no longer employed in or contracted to the company in which they were gained.

“A lot of employment contracts also contain non-solicitation or non-dealing clauses which restrict employees from approaching clients of the company for a certain period after their employment. This has proved a safer approach for companies wishing to take legal action against former employees where they may not have a social media policy in force.”



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Customer Care or Computer Care?

I recently required the services of an out-of-hours GP (yes, I know, silly me) only to be put through to the new NHS 111 service. My answers to the operator’s questions were duly guided through a computerised diagnostic tool and a paramedic dispatched to treat the cardiac arrest I wasn’t having. I don’t even want to contemplate what this cost the NHS but I’m guessing the difference between a paramedic being sent out to a rural area versus the patient ably making their way to a surgery to see an out-of-hours GP is quite extensive. (more…)

Don’t ask, just test

If you want to get the real story on the behaviour of your customers, readers, etc., don’t rely on self-reported data. While such data can be fine for simple facts, like, “Did you eat breakfast today?” it will rarely answer questions like, “Why do you prefer Grey Goose vodka?” (more…)

Share It Maybe?

I’m not a big watcher of YouTube videos but there are some themes that just captivate me. Well these videos do just that (much to my wife’s annoyance).

Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae or rather the numerous covers found on YouTube, which propelled the original’s success, demonstrate the explosive effect of social media and the awsome creative tools many of us have available – From the geeky Star Wars to my favourite by from the Cookie Monster (above) or even a poorly shot but funny effort from a Harvard Baseball team.

What does all this mean? It just shows how people are driven to do some great (or just plain funny) things when they want to be part of something greater than themselves

The circles of marketing

Seth writes
Smart marketers in this circle acknowledge that their product or service isn’t for everyone, but bend over backwards to be sure that some people will be able to fall in love with it.”
This resonds with me but it’s not easy. He goes on to say.
“When the thing you sell has communication built in, when it is remarkable and worth talking about, when it changes the game–marketing seems a lot easier. Of course, that’s because you did the marketing when you invented the thing, saving you the expense and trouble of yelling about it.”
If you can do this you have somethign special.

A guide to using WordPress

Here at Rather Inventive we build our websites using a tool called WordPress. It offers lots of benefits, but perhaps the most important of them is how easy it is to use. In terms of adding, moving and removing content, just half an hour of training will get you going. It means that once we’ve built your website, you can really take ownership of it and develop it over time. It also means you don’t need to pay anyone to maintain it because you can look after it yourself. (more…)

Common mistakes when reconsidering decisions

Seth Godin on Reconsidering decisions

“Jay Levinson used to say that you should keep your ad campaign even after your best customers, your wife and your partner get bored with it. Change it when the accountant says it’s time.”


Clients often tell me how they don’t like the design anymore, or it’s time for a change. Sometimes it’s better to just wait and move onto more important things.