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Interactive Maps and Content Personalisation

Paul Lacey presenting at WPChelt

Two great presentations at last weeks Cheltenham WordPress Meetup. Here are some of the notes I took away.

Building interactive maps in leaflet.js

  • Lucy Sloss (@lucysloss) from Studio Mothership
  • Leaflet.js – an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
  • Has a WordPress plugin (of course)
  • Can choose your own tile set such as Google, Map box (also higher customisable), Open Street maps or custom image tiles
  • Create own markers and pop ups content
  • Works with GEOJSON map format for importing multiple locations

Content personalisation

  • Paul Lacey (@wp_paullacey) from Dickie birds
  • Content personalisation – website content that changes based on the unique things it knows about the user
  • Personalising experiences – Just like walking into a coffee shop when they know your name and how you like your coffee.
  • Can be creepy. So respect a website users personal space
  • Mutually beneficial conversion – Use personalisation where it will help you user find information or do something more quickly
  • Personalisation plug-ins – (cheapest) and
  • Logichop has Gutenberg integration

Also discussed in the pub after the meetup was a virtual conference all about WordPress via @Just2Ronald

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