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IMC Podcast #7 How to plan your new website

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This episode features an extract from a recent club webinar #18 where I share my entire process from planning to go live.

I talk about how best to plan your website, how to do a competitor review and tips on mapping out your site.

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Episode Notes

My Process

  • Go through a series of calls
  • Everyone work together, to produce a better result
  • Planning, Content, Design & Build phase, Go Live, Review
  • Iterating on the previous steps
  • Evaluate the site – has it done everything we want it to, what else can we do to improve it further


  • Objectives – what must the site do?
  • Audience – What do they need? How will the website help them?
  • Competition – What are they doing well?
  • Site Plan – Main landing pages and supporting pages + other content ideas
  • Add everything to project plan

Website Objectives

  • Vison – what do you want to be known for?
  • Outcomes – Downloads, sales, signups etc
  • What content needs to be on the site?
  • Sites or styles your customers like
  • Deadlines and dates


  • IMC #11 Understanding your audience – see Webinar #11 for full details

Competition Review

  • Search as your customer
  • Review top three search engine results
  • What do you like? What are they doing well?
  • What can you do 10x better?
  • Placement and use of keywords

Content Gathering

  • Focus on content, not design
  • Wireframe – Copy site plan into real pages on dev website
  • SEO – identify keywords people use when searching for your product
  • Review existing content, what to keep or discard or make new

If you create a page on a keyword that is 10x better than the pages being shown in search results (for that keyword), Google will reward you for it, and better yet, you will naturally get people linking to it!”