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How often should you follow-up a proposal?

‘How many times do you follow up?’ A great question from Dan Barker on LinkedIn. It’s a good thread to read and a great example of how to get engagement on social.

For those who want to know, here’s my proposal follow-up process:

  • Follow-up 1 (+2 days) – Make sure they have the proposal, offer to answer questions and link to an article on our site that relates to their need.
  • Follow-up 2 (+7-14 days) – When I follow-up depends on the known timescale. Invite to an event or webinar I’m running or another link to a relevant article.
  • Follow-up 3 (+30 days) – If I’ve not heard back from FU 1 or 2 then I send this gets 100% response although not always a sale. If I have had follow-up but no commitment. I’ll ask what help they need to move the project along.

In the LinkedIn thread I also learnt the term AHSTIPTO (Always Have Something to Invite People to Offer), apparently I’ve been doing that already.