The Train Schedule

Nathan Kontny on how he build his blog audience and other interesting things.

My Twitter account was stuck at 200 followers. And I didn’t know yet what to improve, how to differentiate myself, or how to market my products better. So, I committed to writing and publishing at least one blog post every 7 days. That’s it.

It’s simple determination like this that grown his Twitter following, blog readership and client base.

Nathan goes on to mention a simple idea about getting stuff done.

On day one, I established a train schedule – we’d make major announcements on a regular basis. If something isn’t ready, it misses the train. But an announcement is going out; something better be on it.

From the middle of last year we’ve put out an email newsletter every month. Some months had great topics while others I felt were cobbled together. And at the beginning of this year we missed sending January’s newsletter entirely, there was no good reason, it just isn’t in the diary so became easy to overlook.

This year we’ll do better and follow a train schedule, booking in each newsletter for the year in advance. We’ve done it for our workshops already, why not everything else.


Have you any good advice for keeping on track. Let me know on Twitter @benkinnaird.

Photo Credit: Javelin Arriving at Ashford International by Peter Trimming

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