New look for Google!

I noticed some weeks ago that while using Google, the design had been updated to accommodate 3 columns and some elements had been moved around.

I eagerly talked about it with the other inventors at Rather Inventive, but alas Google had gone back to how it was the next time I used it! As I had no screenshots or supporting evidence that I had in fact seen a sneak preview of the ‘new’ Google I was wondering whether I had imagined it myself.

However, the new design intermittently became visible for a few weeks before the offical update and overall I like the changes to it. The easy-to-use date related searches on the left panel are extremely useful if you are searching for something current. This led me to question whether content that has been around for a long time which Google would generally give greater relevance to, is in fact inferior to the most recently updated or fresh content?

Experienced web designer and developer. An unusual mix of logical thinker with a creative eye. Loves a problem to solve.

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