It’s not about what Fry had for breakfast

With an estimated 140 million users generating 340 million Tweets EVERY DAY, Twitter has become a powerful – and more importantly free – tool for marketing what your business does. It gives you the opportunity to engage in conversations with existing and new customers and suppliers.

It’s not just about reading what Stephen Fry had for breakfast, you can talk to or listen to who you want to and as a business, you can use Twitter to quickly share information, gather market intelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who care about your company. Often, there is already a conversation about your business happening on Twitter! If you are missing it then Inventive Workshops can help to dispel the myths and show you how it can benefit what you do.

Presenters yours truly and Helen Coldicot believe Social Media is relevant to every business regardless of their size or industry, it’s how you choose to apply it that makes the difference.

Register now for our next Twitter for Business workshop held on May 2nd. Call Moira Davidson 07891 547975 for more details.

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