5 tips that help us work as a remote team

1. Set working hours Otherwise work will consume your personal life.

2. Stay in contact Use whatever systems work for you but make sure they are simple and consistent for everyone. We use Campfire and Skype on a daily basis and meet up in person monthly.

3. Store nothing on your PC This can help protect your information and allow you to access it from anywhere. If you cannot do this at least make sure your back up weekly. We use a great piece of software called Dropbox which stores our files both on our PC and on the internet.

4. Remember the good cafes When you need to meet-up with your team or customers in person it can save time to keep a list of cafes which provide Wi-Fi and serve great coffee. We keep a note of these in our contact software Highrise.

5. Get out and about Working at home or on your own can be an isolating experience and it’s very easy to not see anyone except family from day to day. We try and find ways of getting out and connecting with the world again. Either through breakfast events, client meetings or just walking the dog, it’s important that this becomes part of your daily routine.

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